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The High Sheriff remains the Sovereignís representative in the ceremonial County of Buckinghamshire (including Milton Keynes) for all matters relating to the Judiciary and the maintenance of law and order. The role is unpaid and no expenses are reimbursed. For this reason there is no set framework of duties, and a High Sheriff can choose how she or he can best utilise their time in office. So each High Sheriff approaches their year differently, depending on their particular skills, their experience and their own areas of interest.

Buckinghamshire High Sheriffs are encouraged to undertake duties to help the voluntary and statutory bodies within the County, and they have a unique opportunity to work for the good of their communities.

The modern role in Buckinghamshire may be summarised as follows:

Being in attendance when members of the Royal Family visit the county

Providing a ceremonial presence at formal functions and receptions in the county

Looking after the well-being of Crown, County and Family Court judges

Serving as Returning Officer at General and local elections within the county

Being responsible for the Proclamation of the accession of a new Sovereign

Taking an active role in law and order within the county, including working with police, courts, coroner, probation service and prisons

Making awards (in accordance with the Criminal Law Act of 1826) to those who, in the opinion of judges at a criminal trial, have been active in the apprehension of certain offenders                                                               

Providing an impartial and non-political figurehead within the community

Taking an active interest in and supporting the commercial, social, educational and spiritual life of the county

Acting as an ambassador for Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes, both within the county and elsewhere

Providing opportunities for the leaders of different sections of the local community to meet and exchange ideas

Thanking those in the county who work for the benefit of the community, and presenting High Sheriff Awards if they choose to do so

Drawing differing sections of the community together

Officiating at the Citizenship Ceremonies for successful applicants wishing to become British Citizens


Supporting the efforts of local charities and voluntary organisations.